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New Facelift: iGuide®

It is a variation on a neck lift that can be combined a chin or neck liposuction with thread lifting of soft tissue and elevating of subdermis and underlying muscle. It involves lacing a permanent suture back and forth under the chin to tighten sagging skin under the chin and neck. It uses a lighted fiberoptic guide to place the suture. Hence, the name iGuide. Costs about $7,500.

It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed without general anesthesia and with minimal incisions. The ImplicitGuide® has FDA clearance for minimally invasive soft tissue and muscle elevation. It seems a close cousin of ENDOTINE, the Madonna ribbon lift technique.

iGuide® was developed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Mueller, practices plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California with an MD 21 years of experience.

For more info about Dr. Mueller, check him out here Dr. Mueller Background Note that he is not a HealthGrades Recognized or Five Star doctor. More info about disciplinary action, ehow.com on Disciplinary Action

iGuide® can be used as a complement to a facelift or brow lift.

    Note that Facelift-pedia is conducting extensive research about this technique, and will be updating our report about the technique and Dr. Mueller, so please check back. Also, we do not endorse any particular techniques including this one.
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