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Recent years have seen the emergence of mass-marketed facelifts with enticing marketing and unique branding. You should do your research carefully before going under the knife for such operations. Two names have attracted particular attention: Lifestyle Lift; and QuickLift;. About six years ago, a new Tuliplift



  • QuickLift™ , developed and branded by Dr. Dominic Brandy, and performed by himself and a number of doctors personally trained by him. Proponents suggest that it is an improved version of the S-Lift.
    1. A litigation against Dr. Dominic Brandy on falsely advertising certification by American Board of Plastic Surgery on [[On Page 3]]
    2. SUCCESSFUL LITIGATION TO PROTECT THE ABPS CERTIFICATE For the first time in its history, the Board instituted litigation against a physician who was falsely advertising certification by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

      Based in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, Dr. Dominic A. Brandy had repeatedly used the registered name of The American Board of Plastic Surgery in his advertisements. The ads, including website designations, were noted in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, prompting concerns from ABPS diplomates residing and practicing in those areas. Despite warnings by the Board, dating as early as 2000, Dr. Brandy again misrepresented his certification in July 2005. Given the recalcitrance of Dr. Brandy and his practice, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, the Board filed a complaint in August 2005, asserting claims of service mark infringement and false designation of origin under the Copyright Act. The Board’s complaint also asserted a claim of intentional misrepresentation, fraud and deceit based on the false statement to the Board that Dr. Brandy and The Center would cease further misrepresentation.

      After the Board defeated a motion to change venue, Dr. Brandy and The Center agreed to settle on terms demanded by the Board. Under the terms of the publiclyfiled Consent Decree, Dr. Brandy and the Center: (1) admitted their infringement of the Board’s service mark, (2) agreed (under penalty of contempt) to refrain from further misrepresentations, (3) agreed to produce all offending materials to the Board for destruction, (4) agreed to notify state licensing authorities and certifying bodies of the Consent Decree, (5) agreed to post a notice on their Internet site that Dr. Brandy is not certified by our Board, and (6) agreed to a monetary settlement for partial payment of the Board’s legal fees.

      Although litigation is a remedy to approach only after deliberate consideration, the Board felt strongly that its responsibilities to the public and to the protection of the Board’s certificate were absolutely necessary to exercise in this case. Because the settlement covered only part of our legal fees, the resources available to the Board through the generous contributions of our diplomates were put to excellent use as we worked through this process. Based on this precedent, the Board has proclaimed its intent to aggressively pursue any and all violations of our registered trademark in the future. We appreciate the outstanding assistance of our legal counsel, Gabriel L. I. Bevilacqua, Esq., of the Saul Ewing Law firm in Philadelphia, PA.

      Source: Annual Newsletter To Diplomates 2006. The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

    3. A personal Quicklift story by the developer of the procedure
    4. Some limited (and mixed) reviews of the Quicklift procedure, including cost reports
    5. A detailed report by a Quicklift patient
    6. A QuickLift Before and After Photos

Lifestyle Lift™

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